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Mediation/Settlement, Collaborative Divorce Services


Getting a divorce or going through a custody battle can be one of the most expensive things that you will ever become involved in. The primary driving factor in this expense is the conflict that two persons in an emotionally charged situation can create.

The bottom line is that many times this is unnecessary. In many cases, parties who are in little to no-conflict situations can negotiate a better resolution for themselves than a judge will ever order. In fact, nearly every judge in the state will tell you that you will be much happier with a settlement which the parties negotiate vs. having them, a judge who knows nothing about either of the parties, order a resolution.

The Alternative

Most people do not have the resources to fight out protracted divorce or custody battles, and most do not need to. The court provided “pro se” clinics are fine, but they will essentially help you file all of the initial paperwork, then your case will languish, due your lack of knowledge of the legal system. Most cases filed this way end up dismissed months later, without a resolution ever being accomplished. This leaves you hanging onto problems you want to get resolved.

At The Law Office of Michael E. Cain, we can help you with this issue. Our attorney and paralegals are trained and experienced in family law. We can show each party the law, explain how a court would likely decide each matter, and complete the proper forms to get your divorce or custody matter to resolution.

In a mediation / settlement facilitation arrangement, we do not represent either party. We are acting as advisors and facilitators to help you complete the divorce or custody paperwork. If the parties cannot agree to a custody plan after meeting with one of us, we can also refer you to court ordered mediation, where another mediator can attempt to resolve any custody matters. Most of the end results of a divorce or custody dispute are fairly predictable, so long as both parties remain open to crafting a resolution. In many cases, it is not necessary to ever go before a judge.

In the event we cannot assist the parties in reaching resolution, we cannot then represent either party in a contested divorce or custody case. That is how we stay non-biased and focused on helping you to resolve your issues.

Simple divorces, with little or no assets and children start as low as $1895, plus court costs and taxes. This is a cost effective way to complete a divorce or custody dispute. We can often help, so long as there is no major conflict between the parties.

Give us a call today at
575-541-6110. See how we can help you to reach a settlement in your divorce or custody dispute that will leave you much happier and with much more money left in your pocket, and the end of the case.

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